Jeff Heller (Phillip S. and Miriam B. Heller's Son)  1987

Dad Holding Baby Jessicah... 1980

 below Jeff Heller Shorter hair.... 1976

Jeff in the USMC BELOW

Joy (Dickey Maiden Name) (Hale Adopted Name). Jeff Heller's wife and mother of all 3 children  photo below with baby Jessicah after a battle with a coffee table. (I think the coffee table won.)

Jessicah and Joshua 1981

Joshua Scott Heller (AKA the Joshua Scott Band) 1977


Below Joshua and Sister Jessicah 1980 with Pet - "Alladdin"

Jonah Paul Heller (Jeff's Youngest Son)


Above Jessicah Robin Heller - (Jeff's Daughter)

Joshua Little League Below

Joshua At Disney Land


Joshua and Dad Camping Below  1984


Below are the want to be Drinking Brothers and Drinking Sister!!! (Jeff's siblings)

 The Only Father Daughter Photo below Dad and Jessicah in Santa Cruz!! Old time photo.


More serious photo Below of  Jonah, Jessicah and Joshua Hellerr

Jessicah and Joshua (Sister and Brother)


Below (Jeff Heller's Son) - Joshua Scott Heller  with is family Renea wife, Jordan-son, Jayden-son, Leila- daughter

Below - The FAMOUS "MINI ME" aka Jayden Heller (Joshua's Son)

LEILA HELLER  2006  almost 2

Leila and Samantha(Sami) 




Below is Jonah Paul Heller w/ Daughters Laryssa and Nevaeh DEC 2007

Below Dec 2007

Jayden Heller    Jordan Heller

Leila Heller   Samantha Heller

Continuously updated..


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