Rose and Harry ADELMAN   (Est.. Late 1800 to Early 1900's)

 ....They had 7 children

5 boys and 2 girls.

Louis Adelman   had 4 sons

Max Adelman 2 children 1 boy Joel l girl Miriam

Albert Adelman 3 children  2 daughters, Jill and Diane Son Michael

Samuel Adelman2 children l daughter Renee son Richard

Robert Adelman 3 daughters

Betty Adelman Gusst2 children l son Larry l daughter Minerva

Diane Adelman Mason l son Barry  l daughter Roberta

To the best of Miriam Heller's knowledge all the Adelman 7 are deceased.  Although Her Aunt Diane might still be alive.

Also there is also another part of the Heller side....Aida's

family...Levinson.  She had 2 brothers...

Jay Levinson  & Sarah  2 children(Steven, married to Marleen and Martin, married to Miriam)

Samuel Levinson & Esther  2 children

( Rebbeca, married to Sidney and Michael, not married at this time )
Both brothers and their wives are deceased.


Louis and Sarah Heller had 4 children
Sidney Bernard Heller;( Died in 1956 )Ethel Heller (Died in June, 2005, at the age of 96 1/2); Abe Heller (Died in April, 2006, two weeks short of his 93rd birthday) and Miriam Heller-Edelman. 
Miriam was their youngest daughter and she died in 1954 (1955 at the age of 36.)
from cancer...She had 2 daughters Myrna (Married to Peter, one son, Peter also) was the older one, Phyllis (Married to Howard, one son Daniel) is the  younger.  Her husband was Sheldon Edelman. 
Quite a coincidence that Miriam Adelman maiden name
 married to name Heller.Abe

( Abe’s wife was Bernadette) had 1 daughter.(Charlene, never married)

Ethel managed a glove and handbag store for many years. If she Still Alive she must be over 90. (This was put up (3/2007)




Sarah & Lous Heller      Sarah Levinson (Aida's mother) Harry Adelman (Max 's Father) Eva and Morris Goodman (Freda's parents)                                    




(Below) Sister and Brother Miriam and Joel Adelman


Maxwell Herman Adelman,  Daughter Miriam, Mother Freda Goodman (Adelman)


(Mother Freda)  Daughter Miriam Adelman -Heller

(Father In-law)-Sidney Heller, Miriam Adelman-Heller, Aida Heller (Mother in-law)

1985-1986_ish Collage of Heller/Adelman

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